Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Rental Portable Oxygen Machine

Affordable Renting Portable Oxygen Concentrators is the best thing ever. For any patients out there that can't afford to purchase a Oxygen Machine don't feel like you are having difficulties at home. You can actually still get out and travel because most of the companies that sell the portables also rents them! All patients can feel the freedom of the machines no matter if you can buy them or not.

Every company that I have talked with usually rents the units by the week. I haven't found any that have done it by the day. So go ahead and plan a trip for a week or even months! A couple of the companies will give you amazing prices for monthly rentals. It is nice to be able to see everyone be able to travel and experience life, these portable oxygen concentrators have made that all possible!Most companies that I have found renting these units normally go around 2000Indian Rupees a week. That is with one battery, if you need longer battery life then you need to rent more batteries, and sometimes the companies will take care of you. The only reason you would really need to rent additional batteries would be for traveling by air. Since the airlines want you to have 150% battery life, you want to make sure you have that otherwise your going to get to your terminal and they aren't going to let you in! The technicians or sales people, depending on who you call, will make sure to get you the correct amount of battery based off however many liters per minute you are on.

When it comes to renting the portable oxygen concentrators most people get confused. This type of renting is not for keeping the machine forever and just paying monthly. This is for more of just vacation purposes, and some companies have a rent to own plan. Where you can rent the machine for the week and they will actually take that first week off of the purchasing price of the oxygen concentrator.