Saturday, October 2, 2010

Traveling Portable Oxygen Concentrator Machine

Traveling with a portable oxygen concentrator Machine is really simple if you know the rules. The biggest problem seen when traveling with a concentrator is the airline. Some employees still do not know what they are. Some will give you wrong advice over the phone and when you get to the airport you find you are missing an important part of the unit and can't get on the plane. There is nothing more frustrating than hearing from one employee of the airline that says you are all set only to find out you are not after you get there.

Here are a few good tips to remember when traveling with portable oxygen. We suggest always making sure your batteries are charged. Do this the night before you leave. If you are renting an portable oxygen machine try and get it a couple days early to insure it is working perfectly. It is a machine and you don't want to find out there is a problem the night before you leave. Most airlines want you to have extra batteries no matter how long your flight is. So make sure you have extra batteries with you. Depending on how long your journey is and what portable oxygen concentrator you have will depend how many extra batteries you should have. You are probably going to use you concentrator on the way to the airport and use some of the battery power. As you probably already know there are plugs to plug into at the airport but there is regularly someone using them with there laptop computer. Some of the best advice I heard is to bring along an adapter for more plugs. This way you are not asking someone to give you there plug. You are just asking them to share plugs with you. It’s a lot easier that way. For Purchasing Portable oxygen Machine for traveling then please visit us our site or contact us our email id. We always try to give something good for your nice health and services too