Monday, May 17, 2010

portable oxygen

For both patients and family members, the new alternatives in portable oxygen units mean greater freedom of movement. Ambulatory patients need oxygen systems they can use in a wide range of activities and that allow them to pursue their lifestyles.

The benefits of portable oxygen systems are extremely high, not only from the point of view of being able to move around, but also because it allows for a healthier lifestyle.

The new models not only mean new designs but also new technical applications that make them lighter and easier to operate. They mean longer lasting oxygen supply, they mean simplicity of use and they mean being able to regain your independence.

Portable oxygen systems are available as oxygen tanks or cylinders (compressed oxygen or liquid oxygen) or as oxygen concentrators.

The shape and size of portable oxygen tanks have been redesigned making them easier to move and carry.

Many patients are using combinations of systems that are fulfilling their requirements. Whatever the choice, the important thing is that portable oxygen systems are helping people and expanding their range of activities.

Patients dependent on oxygen can now move and be more active as these systems have been designed with your needs in mind.

One of the major requirements of a portable oxygen system is that you can easily carry it, you can move it around without any gymnastics and you can store it easily and without any problems - the new systems let you do this.

From the point of view of someone who needs oxygen, these new models have extended your range of activities as they are easier to place in vehicles, in public places or in friends’ houses - and this means you can get out more with less stress.

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