Friday, May 28, 2010

Oxygen therapy

Those who suffer from Hypoxemia i.e. low level of oxygen in the blood, Oxygen Therapy is the best management. We inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide and once this process disrupts in a sense that the level of oxygen in the blood declines, the patient needs additional oxygen to fill in the deficiency to avoid breathing problems and other respiratory problems.

Oxygen therapy helps in improving oxygen distribution in the body tissues in the parts where the oxygen circulation level is low due to some wound or infirmity. In case of breathing problem, the oxygen recommended for breathing problem analysis helps in improving the oxygen level in blood and drive down the additional functioning of heart.

Oxygen therapy is usually arranged at the homes, however, in case of emergency; the patient can be treated at the hospital as well. At homes, oxygen is provided in air-compressed cylinders or canister where the patient inhales the oxygen through a mask or nasal annual connected to the canister. In the medical centers or hospitals, oxygen is provided in a patient's room by means of an outlet in the wall of the room. Oxygen is then passed from a central supply point via pipeline to each room, where a meter with a built in valve is fitted to the wall of the outlet to read and control the flow of oxygen in the room. It also helps in seminal how much wetness is required in the room.

Oxygen therapy is also accepted out through tents and specialized oxygen delivery system specifically designed for infants. Moreover, many other specialized oxygen delivery systems are available in the market that can be used according to the patient's requirements and conditions.

Pre-oxygen therapy: the patient meets with the health care provider who recommends the system to be used, based upon the supplies of the patient and his overall condition. In case of home based therapy, it is very important that the system should be user friendly, reliable, and cost effective. Furthermore, the range of oxygen delivery and the other features to be employed, during the process of therapy should be fully explained.

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