Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Portable Oxygen Concentrators System

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They are smaller units that are easier to carry while still providing the same service as larger units. As they are powered by electricity they are designed to receive energy through electric outlets and many also have a battery set up. They have become very famous as they have extended user's variants of activities.

Portable Oxygen Concentrators’s, as with their elder cousins the home oxygen concentrators, extracted and separate oxygen from ambient air.
The atmosphere is made up of gases, of which 19 to 21% is oxygen, 1-2% other gases and the bulk is made up of nitrogen. Some studies indicate that earth's atmosphere 200 years ago had an concentration of about 36%. There is a reduction of 0.8% approximately every 15 years according to some measurements, due to pollution and the destruction of forests tress or by nature. In some places oxygen is found at a concentration of 8% - depending on the pollution levels and/or altitude.

Getting back to Portable oxygen concentrators, they supply good & pure oxygen at the required flow rate. The oxygen, as with other oxygen delivery systems, is fed to the patient to the nose through a plastic hose (cannula) or a mask. Note: One of the things patients on oxygen therapy have to do is get used to breathing in through the nose; otherwise they will not receive the supplemental oxygen. Portable units vary in size, shape and weight according to the particular features of each separate model.

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