Monday, May 17, 2010

portable oxygen concentrator

There are many various type of portable oxygen concentrators on the market area today. Every one of these machines are still very easy to use. They are really just as simple as pressing the power button when you need to turn it on, putting it on however many liters per minute you are on, then whirling it off when you are done. You do not have to be a genius to work one of these oxygen concentrators.

A lot of patients think that they are very hard to use because they are worth so much. The manufacturers of each of these units made sure to keep them nice and simple. The only reason why they are expensive is because of the technology that is actually inside the portable oxygen machine. They just want to make sure you have a dependable and durable machine on you at all times! When buying or renting a oxygen machine, don't ever worry about not being able to use it. For any reason you can't figure out these machines there are always technicians out there that know these machines in and out, and are always more than happy to help out anyone!

Portable Oxygen Concentrators are one of the easiest types of electronic devices to use and maintain. A lot of people feel that they are very confuse to use and maintain because of how expensive they are. They may have the unique technology inside of them, but the manufacturers are smart when it comes to making these units patient friendly. When you get a portable oxygen machine the only type of maintenance that you will ever really need to worry about is cleaning the gross particle filter out. In the back of most of the portable machines you will need to pull this spongy filter out, which is normally a black filter, and wash it with water and soap.

When you are finished washing down the gross particle filter all you need to do is put it back into the machine. Normally companies will give you an extra filter so you can just replace it on the spot while you are cleaning the other one, so definitely make sure you are getting a extra one when purchasing your portable oxygen machine. POCs will normally last around eight to ten thousand hours before needing to be serviced. Normally that will average around 3-5 years depending on how much you are using the POC (portable oxygen concentrator). Normally the compressor is what is needing to be serviced during this time.

The compressor is the motor in the oxygen concentrators; it is what pushes out the oxygen through the tubing. There are some other pieces in these concentrators that do need servicing, but not very often, and the repair bills on most of these POC's are very affordable, so nothing you really have to worry about. If under warranty most companies cover the parts and labor for free, and you just have to worry about the shipping. Another great thing is some companies will always have a backup plan for you just in case your machine goes down for any reason. That is one of the main questions you should always ask when purchasing a portable oxygen concentrator, make sure that company is going to back you up if something fails.

Hopefully after understanding this article it has helped you realize that portable oxygen concentrators are not confusing to maintain, they are self-maintainable. If you ever have a problem maintain it yourself give some of these companies a call and I know for a fact that the technicians will be more than happy to answer your questions and help you out.