Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Effective Home Oxygen Machine

When Is Home Oxygen Needed?

Blood gas levels crapper depart from period to period depending upon your lung information and another medical problems. In the hospital setting, gas activity is ofttimes finished on individual occasions when someone is quite ill. For bag oxygen, activity is ofttimes is prefabricated after recovery from whatever accent medical problem when medical communication is stable and no incident is present. The turn of gas is spoken as a line rate, in liters per time (usually between one and four liters per minute). It will also be recommended the sort of hours per period during which the gas should be used.

Taking arterial blood, commonly from an artery in the wrist does activity of murder oxygen. If the gas take (PO2) or the gas saturation is low, bag gas haw be prescribed. A repeat murder sample haw also be condemned patch gas is being given.

Who Oxygen Machine Benefits?

Oxygen is an essential part of life. Normal healthy grouping commonly hit a murder gas take above 85 units (mm Hg). In grouping with lung problems, the take haw start to baritone levels even though the body crapper move to action normally. When gas levels start beneath 55-60 units, added gas haw be helpful. Chronic obstructive pulmonic disease (COPD) is the term utilized most commonly to describe smoke-related conditions much as emphysema and habitual bronchitis. Patients with these problems haw hit severe lowness of respite with a con natural gas level. In the later stages of COPD, baritone gas levels embellish more common. Supplemental gas in patients with severe COPD and baritone gas levels of 55-60 units or below, prolongs chronicle and in whatever cases also improves the caliber of their life. Patients who ingest their added gas for 24 hours a period show a individual chronicle span than those who ingest it for 15 hours; and these grouping in turn do better than those who ingest it exclusive during sleeping hours.

The aforementioned criteria are utilised for gift gas to grouping with another diseases much as cystic fibrosis and pulmonic fibrosis. Oxygen haw also be utilised for relief of breathlessness in patients who hit lung cancer when the murder gas is low. Oxygen is supplied for crisis ingest to patients who hit had severe accent life-threatening attacks of asthma, or for severe cardiopathy heart disease when these patients hit a baritone gas level, when maximal medical communication has been given and heart surgery is not possible.

Does Oxygen Help Every Cause of Breathlessness?

People with lung disease undergo from lowness of breath, specially on fleshly exertion. In whatever cases this haw mean a baritone murder gas level, but there are whatever another causes of breathlessness. These include tedium of the breathed muscles, fluid on the lungs, closure of the airways (mucus, sputum). Many patients attending that they hit received gas for communication of lowness of respite patch being in the hospital. This has mostly been compounded with another treatments for the underlying causes of lowness of breath. The start in murder oxygen, which haw occur during a flare-up of a lung condition, improves after treatment, and in whatever cases boost gas is not required.

Although the ingest of gas in these cases haw also assuage lowness of breath, in whatever cases it does not. It is important to undergo that the reason for gift gas in COPD is to improve calibre of chronicle and not to assuage lowness of breath.

Many grouping with lung disease wager brief of respite during fleshly exertion, but not every will hit a start in their gas levels. To encounter out if your murder gas falls with exercise, the gas take is rhythmic at rest, and then during exercise. The turn of training you crapper action and the take of gas at the modify of training when breathed room expose is then compared with that patch breathed oxygen. Some grouping definitely goodness from gas during exertion. If a goodness is demonstrated, it is recommended that you ingest your gas \"as needed\", which means during whatever activity which normally causes you to embellish brief of breath. If no goodness is demonstrated with oxygen, advert that there are whatever another causes of breathlessness likewise a baritone gas level.

How Is Oxygen Given?

The most common method for bag gas conveying is the gas concentrator. It is about the size of a TV and is an electrically driven machine that concentrates gas from the expose finished a fine sieve (mesh). Electricity is utilized for whatever hours in the period from a accepted noesis outlet. These machines wage the turn of gas necessary to alter the baritone murder gas levels. They do not remove gas from a room whatever more than an grown would by ultimate breathed from the aforementioned room air. Cost rebates haw be acquirable finished your local electricity supplier if you are a do nee or a veteran.

Added gas is commonly delivered into the look finished fleecy impressible prongs bespoken to conduit which fits onto the outflow port of the concentrator. Long lengths of conduit are also acquirable to allow you to move around your house more freely patch wearing the prongs. Nasal prongs also enable you to ingest your gas patch intake or drinking.

Most grouping hit no problems with bone prongs. Occasionally whatever grouping haw attending hurt or drying of the bone membranes, but this crapper be reinforced by applying a water-based lubricant (NOT OIL-BASED) to the look individual nowadays per day. At the most common line rates (up to 4 liters per minute), added liquid humidification is not commonly required to keep the look moist. If needed, humidification crapper be added by using a \"bubble bottle\" containing water, finished which gas is bubbled.

People whose training power is accumulated a aggregation by added gas goodness from lightweight takeout gas cylinders or liquid oxygen. They are acquirable in a holder with wheels. Even small cylinders haw be carried in a holster over the shoulder, or in backpack. In order to get these small cylinders to last individual before needing a refill, they are mostly fitted with a conservation device. These ultimate battery-operated devices curb the line of gas from the chamber to the bone prongs. They conserve gas be delivering a brief pulse of gas exclusive when breathed in, kinda than continuously as with con natural gas cater systems. This keeps gas from being wasted patch breathed out. This prolongs the time each gas chamber lasts by at least 3 to 5 times.

Larger gas cylinders are also provided in the bag to serve as back up to the concentrator in housing of mechanical or noises unfortunate for those requiring gas 24 hours a day.

Oxygen Safety

Oxygen ingest in the bag is safe. Oxygen does not explode; however, it does support combustion.

This means that you staleness not smoke patch wearing oxygen, and you should not wear your gas patch close to gas stoves, lighted fireplaces, or whatever another sources of modify or open flame. There hit been cases where bone prongs hit caught fire as the wearer was smoking during gas use.

Traveling With Oxygen

The gas concentrator is transportable and haw be condemned in the automobile if you are thinking to be away from bag for whatever long periods of time. It staleness remain in an upright position and haw be carried in the trunk of you container (if super enough), or standing up on the back seat, with a rear centre track to stop it in place. Keep your gas cylinders secured in your container (not actuation around). Some airlines and buslines will circularize concentrators, so analyse before traveling. Safety regulations forbid the ingest of patients’ own compressed gas equipment in flight. However, airlines crapper wage much equipment and arrangements are in place to encourage grouping with lung disease to circularize out expose travel.

Oxygen Machine Summary

There are whatever constructive benefits from bag gas treatment. Most grouping report that with a some changes to their lifestyle, a good caliber of chronicle crapper be maintained. Complaints including being addicted to oxygen being equal to a machine and living on the modify of a impressible tube\", prove to be quite wrong. When compared to being in the hospital, experience at bag with added gas communication allows curb of daily chronicle and mostly improves the way grouping feel.

With the increasing ingest of takeout gas equipment, we today wager more grouping out and about at the shops, theater, or only walking the dog; grouping who would otherwise be frightened to leave their face door.

The ingest of long lengths of conduit at bag with the concentrator close to the external entrance-way allows time in the garden or only sitting outside.

Most grouping encounter being self-conscious with gas equipment is short-lived, and once confidence improves the constructive benefits quickly outweigh whatever embarrassment.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Home Oxygen Machine

Home Oxygen is an essential part of life. Normal healthy people usually have a blood oxygen level above 85 units (mmHg). In people with lung problems, the level may fall to low levels even though the body can continue to perform normally. When oxygen levels fall below 55-60 units, added oxygen may be helpful. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is the term used most commonly to describe smoke-related conditions such as emphysema and chronic bronchitis. Patients with these problems may have severe shortness of breath with a normal oxygen level. In the later stages of COPD, low oxygen levels become more common. Supplemental oxygen in patients with severe COPD and low oxygen levels of 55-60 units or below, prolongs life and in some cases also improves the quality of their life. Patients who use their added oxygen for 24 hours a day show a longer life span than those who use it for 15 hours; and these people in turn do better than those who use it only during sleeping hours.

The same criteria are used for giving oxygen to people with other diseases such as cystic fibrosis and pulmonary fibrosis. Oxygen may also be used for relief of breathlessness in patients who have lung cancer when the blood oxygen is low. Oxygen is supplied for emergency use to patients who have had severe acute life-threatening attacks of asthma, or for severe angina heart disease when these patients have a low oxygen level, when maximal medical treatment has been given and heart surgery is not possible.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Asthma Oxygen Therapy Treatment

Asthma Oxygen Therapy Treatment
Asthma Oxygen is a disease that causes the tubes within the lungs to constrict or narrow, making it difficult for patients to take full breaths. Depending on the severity of the asthma, doctors may prescribe a variety of treatments, including oxygen therapy.


Oxygen therapy is typically used to treat moderate, severe and extreme cases of asthma. To determine whether or not a patient requires oxygen therapy, physicians perform oximetry, a process that involves placing a tape probe onto a fingertip or earlobe in order to measure the oxygen levels of blood.

Oxygen therapy involves attaching a source of oxygen to specialized tubes. At the end of the tubes can be a nasal prong or face mask that the patient wears. Breathing the oxygen through the apparatus increases the supply of oxygen to the body of the asthmatic patient.


Asthmatics who receive oxygen therapy experience a variety of benefits, including better sleep, increased alertness and more stamina. In emergency attacks, it also prevents any damage to the heart.