Monday, June 14, 2010

portable oxygen concentrators

Many people don't know that portable oxygen concentrators can also be used 24/7. It is not recommended of course since the big home oxygen machines are built for 24/7 use, while the portables are made for more just during the day or trip.

One of the only portable oxygen machines that will work 24/7. The reason behind this is because it gives out a continuous flow. Many patients don't know that continuous flow is what you need during night-time use. The reason behind this is because during the night about 85% of us are mouth breathers. If you are trying to use a pulse flow portable at night, and you are breathing through your mouth, it will not know when to give you oxygen. Pulse flow reads when you breathe through your nose and that is when you are given the oxygen. You will hear the noise and that is when it comes out. During the night you need that nonstop flow machine so even if you are breathing through your mouth your still getting the oxygen into your nose.

Even though continuous flow is what is optional during night time use, doesn't mean that pulse flow can't be used as well. The other 15% of us can sleep with pulse flow oxygen concentrators. I would only recommend this if you know from experience that you can, or if a doctor says you can. Some of us actually breathe through our nose at night, allowing us to use the pulse flow concentrator. Once again, only use a pulse flow machine during nocturnal use if you KNOW that you can from experience, or if your doctor tells you that you can.

Now always remember that if you are going to use portable oxygen concentrators 24/7 that they will not last as long. I recommend that if you have a home unit, and your around it use it! Those units are meant for 24/7 use, and our built to last. Hopefully after reading this I have helped you with knowing what you can or can't do with oxygen at night!