Friday, August 13, 2010

Oxygen for Night Time Use

Public always are shopping around for portable oxygen machines, but no one can ever find the Long life save life Portable Oxygen Machine. No one really knows about this unit because it is not actually sold over the internet. Normally the only way to get the Long life save life Portable Oxygen Machine is if you go to your local home care provider sometimes they will actually have the units!

The great thing with the Long life save life Portable Oxygen Machine Portable Oxygen is that this oxygen concentrator only weighs 4.5lbs!!! There is no other machine that can compete against the weight of this unit. Many patients are on walkers, or just can't hold much weight on them at one time because of various different injuries. With the Long life you now are able to carry around a oxygen unit without even knowing you have one on you since it is so light!
There is still more great features to the Long life save life Portable Oxygen Machine! This oxygen concentrator doesn't even look like you have oxygen with you when you are using it. It looks like a little bag over your shoulder, and they even make a battery called, the Air Belt Battery. This belt matches the color of the traveling case for the portable oxygen concentrator and goes around your waist. Instead of having to put extra weight on your back with extra batteries, you now are able to just put the battery around your waist adding no weight to the unit at all!

The unit has an internal battery which will last for 3 hours on a setting of 2 Pulse. With the Air Belt Battery you are able to get up to 6 hours of battery life when on a setting of 2. If you are using only a setting of 1 you can get up to 10 hours of battery life with the Air Belt! This unit will go up to a setting of 3 on a pulse dose flow.

Never carry any important portable oxygen concentrators anymore! Now with the Long life save life Portable Oxygen Machine you are good to go with a lightweight oxygen machine. There is no reason you should have to add more weight to your back!